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Canon 5D MKII

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Hi all,

Been shooting a lot with the Canon 5D MKII for sometime now!  Currently, I am putting it through the rigors of shooting a documentary.  So stay tuned for more on that!  While some of the info is not new, many have been asking me these questions while in the field, especially about the audio while shooting video,  so here it goes.

The recent firmware update for the 5D MKII has unlocked the camera’s ball and chain while in video mode! The focus is still a challenges, especially while in the working on the fly and not on a tripod, but like many things learn the limits and break the rules!  It’s still great to have a camera that uses all the L series glass, allowing me the versatility to create what I want when I want without having to be weighted down with more gear!

For audio I use the Sony UWP-V1 Wireless Lavalier ENG Microphone Package while following a subject.  The great thing about this system is that the receiver has a monitor out, so you can listen to the audio, since the camera doesn’t have a way to listen to the audio as it’s being recorded.  I purchased this set up at B&H. I use a tram mic “vampire” clip, so I can place the mic out of sight.  I also use an XLR to mini for a shot gun mic and other hand held mics.

While I’d love to shoot with the Redrock MICRO that’s not in the cards right now, here’s video showing the setup of a REDROCK rig!

Keep shooting!


Here’s some shots quickly taken of my set up.


Written by agencynewjersey

06/18/2009 at 7:50 am